Protecting Your Rights In Child Custody And Support Cases

Any divorcing parent will tell you that determining child custody is an extremely emotional process. Likewise, child support orders can significantly affect your financial situation. To get through it all while protecting your parental rights and finances, turn to an attorney like Margaret Oliver.

Her family law firm, Oliver Family Law helps parents in and around Howard County, Carroll County and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, navigate the child custody and support process with as little added stress as possible. She is a lawyer who is committed to helping parents protect their relationships with their children. She can also assist with obtaining, enforcing or modifying child support orders.

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Putting Children's Best Interests First

In Maryland courts, providing stability for the children is the main concern when it comes to child custody decisions. There are two types of custody that will need to be decided, including:

  • Legal custody: This includes the right to decisions involving education, religious upbringing, discipline, medical care and other matters concerning a child's welfare.
  • Physical custody: This involves who will provide a home for the child and make day-to-day decisions when the child is under his or her care.

When it comes to legal custody, parents usually receive joint legal custody, sharing in decision-making. For physical custody, all sorts of parenting plans can be negotiated or decided by a judge, determining where the children spend which nights, weekends, vacations and holidays with which parent.

Margaret Oliver is an experienced mediator and litigator and can help her clients work together cooperatively. This benefits divorcing parents, since they will likely have to work together in the future for the benefit of their children. If your spouse is being unreasonable in custody demands, however, Margaret can represent you in court, ensuring your rights are safe.

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Even if you and your spouse can work together on a custody plan, an attorney like Margaret Oliver can make sure you do not give away any parental rights. To arrange a consultation, contact her online or call 410-740-1180.