Resolving Child Support Disputes

Much like alimony, child support disputes usually involve the recipient thinking he or she deserves more, and the payer thinking he or she pays too much.

When these disputes threaten to spiral out of control, an attorney like Margaret Oliver can provide much-needed help. Her law firm, Oliver Family Law helps clients in and around Howard County, Carrol County and Anne Arundel County, Maryland, forge lasting agreements that protect everyone's interests — especially the children's.

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Helping Parents Work Together To Benefit Their Children

Margaret Oliver's law firm stresses the benefits of parents being able to work together for the good of their children. An experienced mediator and litigator, she helps parents realize where they actually agree and helps them move toward amicable agreements that all parties can live with.

In addition to saving the time and money that is usually involved with litigation, working together now will help you and your co-parent to be able to work together in the future.

It is important to remember that child support benefits exist to allow children to maintain as close to the same standard of living as possible before the divorce. By working together with your co-parent, it can keep the focus on the children's needs, which are paramount during a stressful event like a divorce.

Of course, some parents simply cannot work together. If one parent is refusing to pay or is disputing the amount in court, Margaret Oliver can provide effective representation in litigation.

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