Creating A Separation Agreement

For some couples who are waiting to complete a divorce here in Maryland, it makes sense to draw up a legal agreement that determines each person's obligations. For some couples, however, a separation agreement may not be in their best interest.

Oliver Family Law is a family law firm serving Howard County, Carroll County and Anne Arundel County that can help you determine if a separation agreement will work for you. Founding attorney Margaret Oliver can help you negotiate a separation agreement with your spouse that protects your rights and interests until a divorce order is in place.

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What Can A Separation Agreement Do?

A separation agreement fixes the rights and responsibilities between two parties when they voluntarily agree to live separate and apart until they can obtain a divorce. The agreement is a binding contract that can settle issues that are similar to a divorce, including:

Many times, a separation agreement can be beneficial for clients who will be taking their divorce to litigation and cannot work together. A separation agreement can clarify each spouse's responsibilities until a divorce is final. Margaret Oliver is also an experienced mediator, and she can help you and your spouse if you wish to negotiate an agreement amicably.

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