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Times when you should not start a divorce

Few blog post talk about the worst (or inopportune) times to call your marriage quits. Despite your feelings about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, timing is everything; even with divorce. After all, who wants to ruin a family gathering, be the bane of a child’s existence or, even worse, lose out on bonus money?

With that said, we lay out some of the worst times to initiate a divorce.

Just before your child’s, or a family member’s wedding – The days before a loved one’s wedding are supposed to be a time where two families are joining together. It should be a celebration and does not need to be hijacked by your marriage problems. So while you may be living through a troubled relationship, it may be good karma to hold off on initiating your divorce until after the wedding.

The holiday season – You would be surprised with how many people think it’s a good thing to serve divorce papers with Thanksgiving turkey or fill a Christmas stocking with a dissolution petition. However, it is better for children to not have to endure a holiday season with parents stewing over their impending divorce.

Before bonuses are awarded – Another reason why January and February divorces are popular is that a divorcing spouse may be eligible to collect on a spouse’s bonus. If the divorce (and the ensuing valuation date) is before a bonus is awarded, the argument could be made that the bonus is separate property. As such, divorcing before bonuses are awarded may not be a good idea.